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Art of Rituals

Art of Rituals is a conscious creativity lifestyle project created by artist and art therapy fascilitator Marie Su Loher. 

Bringing together  hand crafted art objects made for everyday mindfulness practices and spiritual rituals with deep meaning. 

With sustainability at heart, co created with local Ibiza women artists that are part of La Luna family. 


We create our reality and here to master this creative manifestation through out life. With ultimate destination of inner peace, health, happiness and harmony as a whole. 

The more awareness and consious practices we create to support this journey the easier it gets to stay on the right path.

Art of Rituals is that space of support.  


Everything made of 4 elements and the way we perceive physical reality is through our senses.

Art or rituals bringing the wisdom of 4 elements in a simple format with specially curated rituals that are supported with sensorial art objects for the ultimate Rituals to practice on the daily basis. 

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