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Share your workshop

I welcome and love creative collaboration.

If you are a creative practitioner, teacher, artist, running workshops or wanting to start sharing your skills & knowledge, please send me your ideas for collaboration creating a workshop or a workshop that you already run. Will consider it for our creative schedule. 

For physical workshops, please apply only Ibiza based. 

For online workshops, everyone is welcome. 


1. The workshop medium, title & description. Who is behind it?

2. The summery of what is included. And where it is held. 

3. The benefits of the creative practice of this workshop.

4. The length, time and dates of the workshop. 

5. Your experience running this workshop. Why do you want to create it?.

6. The amount of students this workshop can accommodate. The price of the workshop. 


Thanks for submitting!

Please fill the form with required information or send an email to apply :

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